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IndiaDew offers an exciting range of water purifiers that do not waste water and run without electricity by using Ultra-Filtration technology.

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SWAN | Elegant Family Water Purifier

VERIBUS | The Big Family Water Purifier

Hydrogen Bottle | Carry the Healthy Water With You

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Ovation | The Water Purifier With Large Output

IndiaDew New product Treasure, An alkaline water purifier with 8 liters of water storage. Makes the water heathy with added alkaline, No electricity required, no water wasted and 6times faster other technologies

Treasure, An alkaline water purifier with storage

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IndiaDew offers an exciting range of water purifiers that do not waste water and run without electricity by using Ultra-Filtration technology.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Products bought online will be provided by the Distributor closest to you. I there is not an appropriate distributor, the product will be couriered to your address. You should have the product within 3 to 4 days from ordering it.

Many people find alkaline water tastes and feels smoother than conventional tap water.

Modern busy lifestyles are often at odds with the healthy aspirations of parents who want to achieve wellness through good nutrition. Major factors include lack of rest and exercise, our diet (too much processed foods, carbonated drinks and alcohol), and our polluted environment (with huge amounts of free radicals in the air and water). Every day these factors combine to increase the acid in our body and to wage war against our healthy cells. IndiaDew products mitigate these problems by increasing the pH of water to alkaline levels.

Benefits of alkaline water:

Produces antioxidant which protects our cells from damage
Improves our metabolism and helps us process the waste stored in our body
Helps in weight management
Super-hydrates the skin
Helps to energise body and gives mental clarity
Reduces cluster size of water, reduces dehydration, improves nutrition to cells
Dissolves acidic waste, helps anti-aging, promotes improved outcomes from illness
Removes plaque from teeth

Alkaline water is perfectly safe for the general population to drink, including children and pregnant women.
Note: If you have a pre-existing medical condition, are taking prescription medication, or have any other major health concerns, please consult a licensed health practitioner before drinking alkaline water.

The GAC (Granulated Activated Carbon) is made by heating coconut shells to over 800 degrees C, which will reduce it to the elemental state of carbon. There should be no allergens or proteins remaining after the heating process. Please consult a licensed practitioner first, before drinking the water.

Yes, returns are most welcome within 15 days of purchase. The product should be unused and its original packaging. A proof of sale is also required.

Yes, the filters will work with borehole water, but the filter life may be reduced,
depending on the quality of the water. For optimum service life, the filters should be used with water of municipal standard.

Yes. Please arrange this with the dealer who supplies the product.

Please contact the dealer directly or call us on the tollfree number shown on the

Yes, you can. You can mix and match any of the 9 filters available for inclusion in your unit.

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